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Tree Services

We offer a wide range of tree services, listed below.


This is the removal of entire, or parts of branches, taking the branch back to either a branch collar or a suitable growth point.

Crown Reduction

The reduction in height and spread of the crown and is measured either as a percentage of the total crown extent (eg 20%) or by an actual distance (eg 3metres.)

Crown Thinning

The removal of internal branches throughout the entire crown to create a lighter, even density and branch structure.

Crown Lifting

The removal of low branches either back to the trunk, or back to a suitable growth point, to achieve branch clearance to a specified height above ground level.


The removal of dead and dying branches in the tree which can become insecure and dangerous. This term applies to larger branches and normally does not include branches of less than 2.5cm in diameter.


The removal of the entire crown back to the point at which it was previously pollarded. Pollarding is a continuous policy of tree management repeated cyclically, not a 'one off' solution and is only suitable on certain species.

Felling / Dismantling

This is the removal of the tree to ground level. It can either be carried out from the ground if space permits or by means of dismantling it in smaller pieces by rope and harness. Some operations require specialist equipment for lowering sections to the ground by means of rigging equipment. Cranes and mobile elevated work platforms [MEWPs] are often used as well. Our staff are fully trained in the use of these. Felling does not include stump removal.

Hedge Maintenance

We offer an all year round domestic / commercial hedge maintenance service. We can provide a one off service for getting an overgrown hedge back into shape or provide a regular annual maintenance programme.

Hedge to tall?

We can with our team reduce the height and spread of your hedge removing all arisings from site. Hedge outgrown its location we can remove it including stumps and if you need a new hedge we can advise and supply and plant


When considering planting a tree or shrub there are several factors to consider space, soil, climate, as well as such things as do you want a tree with good autumn colour? Or to be evergreen, or something to encourage wildlife into the garden or something to fit in with a theme in the garden or surroundings. We can help you to choose the best species for the location. We have long standing relationships with our suppliers so we can advise, supply and plant.

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